Sexy Adult Baby Stories

All of these stories are for Adult Babies/Diaper Lovers and those who have a love of plastic.
These stories are for Adults Only and all actors were 18 years or older at the time of recording. For enquiries please contact at team [@]

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I turned my unfaithful boyfriend into a sissy baby: part 3

Within minutes of turning up at Keiran's house Lucy takes an incriminating photo of him with a baby's dummy in his mouth! Things quickly get worse for him and his sissy baby treatment begins!

Time length 4:40

De-spunked in diapers

When your last girlfriend said you were a "baby dick loser" who should be in baby diapers, instead of getting upset you realised that's what you REALLY are!So now you have to wear baby diapers to get hard!

Time length 3:40

Nanny Linda changes your nappy and licks your arse

Nanny Linda wants to change your wet nappy so she can do her favourite thing to you.She doesn't bother with baby wipes though.She wants to lick your arse til you shoot your baby sticky in her mouth!

Time length 4:20

Rubber knicks for baby's kicks

Mummy's got something for you! A lovely brand new pair of frilly rubber knickers! And she knows what you like so lie back and let Mummy do her special thing to you in your new rubber knickers!

Time length 4:20

I turned my unfaithful boyfriend into a sissy baby: part 2

When Lucy sees how cute she looks in her wet nappy and lingerie she has an idea.She takes one of her Mum's suspender belts that will fit her cheating boyfriend and also a pair of frilly plastic pants which would be perfect over his nappy and transform him into a big sissy baby girl!

Time length 3:40

Licking bum makes baby cum

This sexy MILF will do anything for you.She knows you love nappies and plastic pants and this makes it even kinkier for her!She'll let you suck her big tits while she plays with your cock through your plastic pants.And then she wants to lick your arse till you cum in your baby pants!

Time length 3:20

Out of the cot and onto the pot

You've been a very good boy for keeping your nappy dry and now you've done a big wee-wee in the potty.Since you're acting all grown up, Mummy will do grown up things to you and you can do grown up things to her!

Time length 3:20

Rubber nurses milk you into your plastic pants

This adult baby has come for a protate milking.He's in for an extra treat when rubber nurse Helen brings in a lactating rubber nurse to feed him from her huge lactating breasts.Then they take off his wet nappy and milk him into his plastic pants!

Time length 5:51

Bedtime nappy wank

Mummy was watching TV in the next room and thought you were settled in your cot. When she hears you crying she comes in and thinks you need changing.But when she checks your nappy it's still dry but soon realises the reason you want her attention!

Time length 3:04

Cruel mistress wanks you off in plastic

How would you like a gorgeous Mistress to wank you off in plastic? Be warned though because she's very cruel and whether she'll allow you to cum as you're wrapped up in plastic is up to her!

Time length 2:35