Sexy Adult Baby Stories

All of these stories are for Adult Babies/Diaper Lovers and those who have a love of plastic.
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Hot MILF keeps her husband in nappies: part 8

With the 2 ex-whores now John's babysitters, Abby hires in well hung studs to fuck her!Sean..her favorite,wants to fuck her in her baby husband's nursery while the girls change his nappy and baby John ends up shooting his baby cream for the first time in months!

Time length 4:33

Nappies for sissy

Oh Sissy! You've wet your panties again!Mummy will have to put you back into nappies until you can stay dry.You can play in the garden so the man next door can have a good wank over you while you play outside and Mummy might bring him over to fuck you!

Time length 2:55

Cuckold sissy hubby watches me take a monster cock

This wife has an arrangement with her husband.She knew from the beginning about his crossdressing and now he's her cuckold sissy husband.And she loves to fuck guys with big cocks while he watches!

Time length 2:39

Hot MILF keeps her husband in nappies: part 7

With her cheating husband now totally regressed to a helpless baby Abby sells his business without his consent for £12M.Then she offers the 2 high class whores he cheated on her with an offer they couldn't refuse to be his full time babysitters!

Time length 4:52

Sucked and wanked in plastic

Do you like plastic? This kinky girl wants to wrap you up in plastic and make you cum! She has some special plastic pants with a plastic sheath and she wants to see your cock spurt inside them as she sucks and wanks you into them!

Time length 4:33

Hot MILF keeps her husband in nappies: part 6

Abby's shocked at just how much her Mum revels in turning Abby's cheating husband into a helpless baby!Abby thinks of backing out for a second but her Mum & Sister are on a mission to humiliate him for fucking around behind his gorgeous wife's back!

Time length 4:23

Adult baby calls TV phone girl

Melony is a big boobed glamour model who also works on late night TV Babe channels.She has a regular caller who is an adult baby and wants her to breastfeed him with her big tits and change his nappies.And she wants to tell you what she thinks of him!

Time length 2:40

I can't wait to make you explode in your nappy

Mummy knows how much you like wearing wet nappies and how it makes your ickle willy all hard!Mummy loves it too but she also likes your nappies to be full of creamy wee-wee too,so she's here to help!

Time length 2:23

Hot MILF keeps her husband in nappies: part 5

Abby's Mum and Sister arrive first thing in the morning and they can't wait to see Abby's new baby husband!They love what she's done to him and can't wait to change his soaking wet nappy.And John just lies there sucking his dummy while his wife watches them fuss over him!

Time length 3:30

Milk enema and cum filled nappy

The baby who had a milk enema has a big pain in his tummy now but Nanny will ONLY release his buttplug if he cums at the same time!Nanny gets off on the pleasure and the pain that she gives her babies and HE certainly gets both as he fills his nappy with milk and cum!

Time length 2:38